Literature interest our sense of charm and therefore offers us satisfaction. Literature reaches the intelligence through the heart or sensations. Its appeal mainly motivates us. The prose is the language of a factor, while poetry is the literature of feeling. Love, hatred, pleasure, sadness, worry, pity, anger, jealousy, vengeance, charity such are the feelings that poetry stirs in differing degrees. The last the mood, the higher the appeal of poetry. The poetry of Shelley, Keats, and Tennyson is extremely charged with passion.

In this short article, we will see what the essence of literature is and what it should be? How literature shows human feelings, life, intricacies, issues, and heartedness?

( 1) RAW MATERIAL FOR LITERATURE. Human life is the natural product for literature: social pleasures, satisfaction, sadness, sensations, feelings, expressions, human virtue and vices, human success and destruction, human goals, guts, hope, dissatisfaction, success, failure, motivation, gratitude, anger, and disappointments are the things of which it is made. Literature might, therefore, be considered a mirror of life, or in the language of literary criticism, a replica of life, it illustrates humans, their intentions, objectives, aspirations, and targets, the ups and downs of human life, ideas and deeds.

( 2) THE ESSENTIAL QUALITY. An essential quality of literature is that it interests the intelligence through feelings. This psychological quality is its distinguishing mark and the factor of its universal appeal.

( 3) DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SCIENCE AND LITERATURE. Science and specifically the life sciences interest mind of guy through rationality, empiricism, experimentation, and intelligence, however, literature stirs his heart. Since of its psychological appeal that writing is so commonly checked out in extremely established and industrialized nations, it is. Science has a simple intellectual and brainy appeal is focused and studied by just a minority of public.

( 4) VARIETIES IN LITERATURE. There are lots of ranges of literature, each having its strange attributes and each having its particular and eccentric appeal. Poetry, drama, unique, fiction, narrative, long play and bio are the principal sub-divisions of literature, all of which take pleasure in the enormous appeal; a taste for these type of research has spread out even to the commoner.

( 5) LITERATURE IS A BLESSING. The novel is among the best true blessings of life because it exists mainly to offer us satisfaction. It provides eager pleasure to check out the lyrical poetry of Shelly, the beautiful poetry of Keats, the narrative poems of Coleridge, Scott and Byron, the Nature poetry of William Wordsworth, the musical and sweet verse of Tennyson and Rossetti and the melancholy poetry of Matthew Arnold. The funniest of Shakespeare with their abundant wit and humor provide endless pleasure. The books of such authors as Jane Austen, Dickens, Hardy, Stevenson, Arnold Bennet and H.G Wells, have provided satisfaction and lessons of life to numerous readers. Undoubtedly, the research study of literature is among the wealthiest sources of human happiness. It supplies with and gets away from our situations and issues. We discover ourselves in the world. We move about in the business of such characters as Falstaff, Mr. Pickwick, Mr. Micawber, and Colonel Newcome.