The cloud solves video compatibility problems.

broadcastingAny company that has any sort of mass following might be out there right now looking for something such as transcoding live services from providers that broadcast video over the internet. All companies have very different needs to one size does NOT fit all. For this same reason most companies have you go through a sales team instead of having users automatically sign up via their website. This also ensures that all of their questions and or concerns are answered. This ensures a great user experience.

In the old days of broadcasting before transcoding really hit the scene there would be lots of events where only one quality of the stream was being sent out. They actually called this publishing. Many people forget that broadcasting a stream is another for of publishing to the internet. But anyway, with only one version of the video being sent out lots of pcs with different codecs were not able to view the stream. Everyone would need to have the same software on their pc. This was yet another hurdle they had to overcome. As if slower connections was not a big enough issue already. But now since processing has become so affordable, a server can be started up in the cloud and you instantly have the ability to break down a stream into different versions.

We have come a long way. Share some nostalgia with me: