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My daughter

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My daughter just turned 18 years old and we have had some serious problems with her lately. We keep getting calls from school about her not showing up for class, leaving school early & coming to school extremely late. She just started hanging with some new kids that were known troublemakers and to say the least we were concerned. There was no way possible that my wife or myself could be around 24 hours a day to keep track of her so I done some research on the net about the IP Cameras you can get and install in your house. They are just basic high quality surveillance camera you can hide in your house that record everything going on and broadcast over the Internet to another computer. So Basically I could set in my office and anytime I wanted to see what was going on in my house I would just have to log on my computer and pull up the security camera that were recording. I know, I know it sounds like a bad thing to do, but my daughter is extremely intelligent and has a good life ahead of her. I do not want to see her ruin it because of hanging out with the wrong crowd. So I went on the web and found this link:

I had only had the IP Cameras installed for two days when I get a call from my daughters school. I knew she went that day because I dropped her off. Turns out she stayed only for about a hour and left. This was in the middle of winter so I know she wasn’t out just walking around. I went to my computer and logged on to my cams and take a guess of who was in their bedroom playing her video game. You guessed it! My daughter had ditched school and went straight to the house. I told my boss I had to leave for a few minutes and would be right back. I drove straight to my house and found my daughter still playing games on the Internet! She asked how I knew she was home and I told her about the new night vision security camera I had installed that let me watch everything in the house from my office. Needless to say, she didn’t do anything else around the house that would get her in trouble because she knew I had them installed!